Corporate Medical Indemnity

What are the key differences between a discretionary indemnity product and an insurance policy?

The terms of the MIL insurance policy differ from the classic MDDUS discretionary indemnity product in a number of key areas:-

Discretionary Product Features:-

  • MDDUS discretionary indemnity provides access to assistance for events that occurred while the individual was a member even if they are no longer in membership when the claim is made.
  • There is no maximum claim limit, however, the Board reserves the right not to provide these services at its absolute discretion.

Insurance Product Features:-

  • MIL insurance covers claims incurred and notified during the policy period, and on permanent retirement.
  • There is a total and annual limit on the amount that MDDUS will pay out in claims.
  • If transferring from an existing insurance policy, we can arrange cover for events that occurred during that time, if required.
  • Should the individual cancel their MIL policy, we can arrange cover for events that occurred during the policy term.

Product Comparison

  MDDUS Insurance Limited  MDDUS Discretionary Indemnity
Claims made insurance cover
This means you must be insured both when the incident occurred and when the claim or potential claim is reported.
Occurrence based claims indemnity
You will be eligible to seek assistance, if you were in membership at the time of the incident, regardless of when an actual claim is brought against you.
Excess or co-payments X X
Upper claims limit
Limit shown in policy schedule
Protection for claims brought against the corporate body Supplement available*
MDDUS Membership benefits
A charge for MDDUS membership is made alongside your annual insurance premium

Access to risk training and resources
Support provided by our in-house teams of expert medico-legal advisors and solicitors
Professional assistance, advice, representation and, where necessary, appropriate legal representation in respect of:
  • Complaints
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Coroner's inquests/fatal accident inquiries
  • Matters referred to the GMC





24/7 medico-legal advice
Worldwide indemnity for Good Samaritan acts
Basis of indemnity against claims Insurance contract underwritten by MDDUS Insurance Limited
Discretionary indemnity provided by MDDUS
Availability of indemnity after the end of membership or period of contract
"Run off cover" included automatically following permanent retirement, death or incapacity. This allows you to continue to report claims that arise from incidents that occurred whilst you were insured by MIL Occurrence-based indemnity means that you can make claims that arise from incidents that occurred during your MDDUS membership, even if your MDDUS membership has ended
Dedicated account manager
*Under our discretionary option, protection for the corporate body can be quoted as an add on product. Eligibility criteria apply. Please ask us for a bespoke quote.

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