Offering a choice of insurance and discretionary indemnity for medical and dental businesses

At MDDUS Solutions we understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals across the UK. We are here to help you protect your business, healthcare team, and the patients you care for.

We know that you and your healthcare team are committed to delivering the best care possible. But the reality is sometimes things arise that no one expected. This could be due to the acts of the company itself or individual employees. When things don't go to plan, your business needs specialist support and protection.

When you become a customer of MDDUS Solutions you gain access to professionally trained medico and dento-legal advisers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to support you and to provide professional assistance, advice, and legal representation.

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MDDUS Solutions is a specialist broker that offers a range of insurance and discretionary indemnity and support services.

We are dedicated to providing the choice, value, efficiency, and personal service healthcare businesses need.

MDDUS Solutions is built on the mutual ethos of MDDUS. Founded by and for healthcare professionals, MDDUS has provided protection and support to healthcare professionals across the UK for 120 years.

Now, MDDUS Solutions does the same for healthcare businesses, offering a choice of insurance, to complement the discretionary indemnity, advice, and support that MDDUS has offered since 1902.

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As a specialist broker we are focussed on healthcare businesses. We understand the challenges you face and are available to arrange the protection and support your business needs.

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