MDDUS Solutions is a specialist broker that offers a range of insurance, discretionary indemnity and support services. We help healthcare businesses care for themselves, their staff and the patients they serve.

We are dedicated to providing the choice, value, efficiency and personal service healthcare businesses need. Our efficient, personable team of specialists speak your language and are always on hand with valuable solutions and quick responses.

Why MDDUS Solutions?

Our mutual ethos: a history of helping healthcare practitioners

Our mutual ethos: a history of helping healthcare practitioners

MDDUS Solutions is built on the mutual ethos of MDDUS. Founded by and for healthcare professionals, the MDDUS has provided protection and support to individual clinicians across the UK for 120 years.

Now, MDDUS Solutions does the same for healthcare businesses, offering a choice of insurance, to complement the discretionary indemnity, advice and support that MDDUS has offered since 1902.

We share the same vision: making it simpler and easier to practice.

We share the same mission: to provide access to the protection, support and advice healthcare organisations need by providing access to our legal, financial, practice management and risk education expertise.

MDDUS Solutions is the trading name of MDDUS Services Limited (MSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the MDDUS.

Our mutual ethos: a history of helping healthcare practitioners

Get the expertise you need

MDDUS Solutions provides access to a team of dedicated experts that includes doctors, dentists, lawyers and risk advisers who are leaders in their fields.

Our team understands the challenges faced by healthcare businesses and are dedicated to helping clients protect their business and respond efficiently and sensitively to difficulties that may arise.

  • Medical advisers

    The doctors and practice managers in our medical advisory team all have specialist medico-legal experience and are focused on providing the support you and your business needs.

  • Dental advisers

    Our team of qualified and experienced dentists understand the challenges faced by dental businesses and are available to provide advice and support you can trust.

  • HR and employment law team

    Our advisory team are experienced HR and employment law specialists who can provide advice on a broad range of topics relevant to healthcare businesses.

  • Training, CPD & risk advisory team

    Our team of experts provide access to risk management consultancy services, bespoke training, as well as producing our industry-leading catalogue of resources, training and accredited CPD.

  • Legal Team

    Based in our offices in London and Glasgow our in-house legal team consists of over 30 lawyers. Together, we have over 150 years of experience, and should the need arise provide clients with advice, guidance and specialist representation.

  • Account management and customer service

    We pride ourselves on the efficient service delivered by our team of dedicated account managers and customer service specialists.

  • MDDUS Solutions Board

    Our Board includes medical and dental practitioners, legal, business and insurance experts. We leverage their experience to guide our efforts and maintain our focus on the evolving risks and challenges healthcare businesses face.

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