About Us

Find out more about MDDUS Solutions and our indemnity products

MDDUS Solutions is the trading name of MDDUS Services Limited (MSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the MDDUS, a mutual defence organisation that was founded for and by healthcare professionals in 1902.

MDDUS has protected healthcare professionals in the UK for nearly 120 years and it’s through this experience that we can offer choice to new and existing members. We offer our classic occurrence-based indemnity or a claims-made insurance product and this unique proposition allows us the flexibility to tailor our offering to suit your organisation’s particular needs.

For your convenience, we have listed the key product differences below.

Option 1: Classic occurrence-based indemnity

MDDUS classic indemnity, is provided on an ‘occurrence’ basis. As a result members have the right to seek assistance for claims or complaints that arise from incidents that occurred when they were a member even if they are not in membership when the matter comes to light. Indemnity for claims is provided by MDDUS at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Option 2: Insurance

MDDUS Insurance Limited (MIL)* insurance product is provided on a ‘claims made’ basis, meaning that policyholders will be indemnified for claims that arise from incidents that occur and are notified during the policy period or any period of “run off” under the policy. Indemnity is provided by MIL in-line with the terms of the insurance contract.


Both options provide corporate medical organisations with the traditional range of advice, support and representation that MDDUS members’ value.

To find out more or to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements, then please contact us now via email at solutions@mddus.com or by calling 0141 220 2990.



*MDDUS Insurance Ltd (MIL) is an insurance company based in Guernsey and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Like MDDUS Solutions, MIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of MDDUS.